Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Video! Watch as I visit the Two Rabbits studio...

Visit Bob and Mike at UNIQUE in booth 913... Right next to the Bar/Lounge. ;)

Official after party announced...

I don't know whether it's because i love to dance or because I love working with the DimMak crew, but I am super-excited to announce that Dim Mak will be throwing the OFFICIAL UNIQUE LA AFTER PARTY this Sunday night at Bardot, as part of their world-famous Banana Split Sundaes night!!! Uh, that's run by DJ AM and Steve Aoki y'all.

*Anyone with a UNIQUE wristband will get in for free and doesn't have to RSVP* (get your UNIQUE wristband by coming to UNIQUE either Saturday or Sunday) Sorry kids, but the night is for people 21+.

fun times people...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

We're on Page 6 of today's LA Times!

What a perfect way to end a weekend... I opened my Sunday LA Times tonight and found UNIQUE on page 6 of the Image section! Thanks to Max Padilla of the LA Times Image section for covering UNIQUE; the piece can be read here or of course seen in the Sunday paper. Rock on!

The Hustle

For those of you who think my life of working with designers and artists is all glitz, glamour, free stuff, and party after party... Ha! Try freezing while outside very late at night/early in the morn to poster spots all over the city! We put up about 300 posters around town, and put UNIQUE postcards on about 3000 cars this weekend (at the UCLA Book Fair, the Grilled Cheese Invitational, in WEHO and Los feliz). My feet are killing me, my knees ache and my fingers are covered in papercuts - and yet I've never been so excited, proud, and invigorated!

Who knew using a hammer-staple-gun and walking for hours through parking structures could be SO satisfying?! It really is an amazing feeling...

This wall we did, in Echo Park/Silverlake on Sunset Blvd., is the sexiest thing ever to me right now! It is a huge wall. HUGE. Enjoy. (gotta go design stickers now. Ohhh, the life of a hustler never ends.......)

Support the 'Community Corner' @ UNIQUE this weekend!

This time we've created a special Community Corner, which happens to be convienently located right next to the Bar/Lounge. You'll find my favorite magazines there (GOOD and Beautiful/Decay), along with Causecast, Narrow Books, and a GREAT community organization 826LA (a non-profit writing/tutoring center in Echo Park).

I encourage you to stop by their booths, subscribe to the magazines/their email list, donate, volunteer... :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The rumors are true, Silverlake's staple bar and restaurant, MALO, will be serving up scrumptious salads, tacos and more ALL WEEKEND!!!! Yum...

Saturday May 2, 11-7
Sunday May 3, 11-5

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

If the boys of Entourage love it...

Our fave indie candy maker, P.O.P. Candy (of Santa Monica), just announced that they are officially one of the treats that is given on the set of HBO's Entourage. Now that is sweet news! And yummy. ;)

You can find their delicious treats, like the butter crunch shown below, at the Spring UNIQUE (May 2 and 3) in booth 3009. They just sent me some of the new flavor combos to try, and trust me, their candy is too hard to resist eating the entire bag at once!