Friday, November 28, 2008

DIY or Die: Fun with Etsy and Fresh Pressed

On top of shopping from 200 of the best independent designers and artists (seriously, these folks really are the best), UNIQUE LOS ANGELES will feature some super-special Do-It-Yourself fun. Me likey...

The FRESH PRESSED Screenprinting Space

For those who'd rather DIY then buy, come hit our amazing Screenprinting Space! The super-cool Los Feliz shop Fresh Pressed will be on-hand with a variety of shirts and tote bags to help you screenprint one-of-a-kind gifts right before your eyes - all at special discounted UNIQUE prices so you can be create one-of-a-kind gifts and not break the bank. Of course our bet is that you won't be able to resist printing a shirt or two for yourself too! :)


Come show off and be creative with us! The ETSY DIY Lab offers a place to sit down and make your very own gift tags and cards – all for free.

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