Sunday, December 6, 2009

We had an AMAZING Saturday!

Over 6000 of you showed up yesterday, supporting our great designers, artists, sellers! It was amazing to see everyone doing their holiday shopping while smiling. :) Part of what I love about throwing the show is hearing stories from vendors - three of my favorites include:

- There was a cute hipster guy who literally came to get all his shopping done in one day. He had a list with about 15-20 names on it and got it all done!

- One of the vendors had a STUNNING bouquet of flowers behind her. When I asked where she had got them, she told me that her fiance had brought them for her (so sweet!).

- Many of our workshop leaders ran out of supplies because so many people were there to participate! They loved and it so did the crowd, who took home something handmade!

Here is a video that an eco blogger shot yesterday for a little glimpse of the Green Room, where we've got 50 eco designers and The penthouse level has over 250 designers, 2 cafes, bar, etc.

See you today!!! :)


* * * * * said...

you guy are so awesome! thank you*

Nedda said...

What an amazing show!!!
Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful show!
Can't wait for the next one :)