Monday, December 22, 2008

It's never too late to give!

UNIQUE was a huge success and I was busy-busy the entire time, which I am thrilled about, but it meant one thing: I did ZERO shopping. Ack! I am sooooooo depressed that i didn't get to shop from, let alone browse, all the amazing talent I pulled together for the city. Sigh.

But one thing is true... It's never too late to give, and it's the thought that counts! So while my gifts may be late by a few days (er, actually by a few weeks depending on the USPS), I know people will enjoy them. I plan to shop from vendors who are online, which I encourage you to do too, as every sale truly affects their bottom-line (unlike buying something from a store or something mass-produced) and allows them to continue producing great work. :) SHOP FROM VENDORS by checking out their websites from UNIQUE. Enjoy!

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