Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Manifest Equality Hits Hollywood

Taking over an empty space on Vine St, which used to house a Big Lots, my friend Yosi has created a truly powerful 5 day gallery for civil rights called Manifest Equality... It includes works from over 150 artists including LA's Shepard Fairey and Keith Scharwath, all centered around the theme of equality for all -- bringing awareness back to the ongoing (and frustrating) Prop 8 debate. Since passing in 2008, the proposition has banned marriage between homosexual partners in California. Every single person should have the right to love and to marry who they choose. Period.

While I wander through my often stressful daily life (cramming in tweeting-working-exercising-working-sitting in the car-more working), the one thing I will never know is the incredible stress of not being able to openly/legally marry the person you love. I can't imagine what that is like. Demeaning? Maddening? Depressing? The weight that it must put on one's shoulders...

It's time we stood up, together, through art through voice through pen, and demanded EQUALITY FOR ALL. It's 2010 for F's sake!

The show runs through Sunday March 7th and is free. I really encourage you to go...

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