Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ronald J Llanos: Local Artist and Art Instructor

I'm not sure if he's able to participate at UNIQUE, but am trying my hardest to make it happen. Ronald's work seems very familiar to me, probably because he illustrates what surrounds me here in LA and visual memories that have stuck in my mind since the 80s. His sense of perspective and color, and the moments-in-time that he chooses to document, speak volumes to me. Very simple and subtle, but never plain... Like the 3rd piece above, entitled Dinner, which instantly transports you into the atmosphere once you see the sprawling plastic 'playland' in the background. Shudder. ;)

He is a great example of the talent this city is home to.

Enjoy, and please check out his website to see his work. I especially love the Sidewalk 2 pieces, Toy District series, and Narratives gallery.

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