Sunday, October 5, 2008

We Rocked Detour Fest!

A street team of fine, savvy thangs connected with hundreds and hundreds of people at the LA Weekly Detour Fest yesterday/night. People grabbed UNIQUE LOS ANGELES stickers, and as the day went on we saw people wearing them or that they had posted them on street posts and stuff (awesome...)!

The feedback from people was also AMAZING, and makes me feel so good that people are excited about the event. We got hundreds of people saying things like:

"OMG, I love this idea, I'll tell all my friends!"
"We heard something about this from our friends who are here already..." (which was really exciting to hear!)
"I hate the mall too... I will totally come support you guys in December."

Pretty much we rock. A full-on marketing campaign will start soon with postcards, fliers, lawn signs, posters and more. I can't wait!!!!!

*On a sad note, my bike was stolen, which breaks my heart... If anyone has a cheap old bike or knows of a cool place that sells old bikes (not cruisers, but vintage styles or 10-speeds) lemme know...

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